Our Mission

Stone Presbyterian Church strives to provide a community for Christian spiritual growth for all ages, as well as love, companionship and support. We worship the Lord with Scripture and song, nurture our children through our family Sunday school, and serve our community locally and worldwide. All people have a constant need for God's comfort and blessing. Stone Presbyterian Church provides opportunities for people of all ages to receive that comfort and blessing.

News & Announcements

February Newsletter

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February Events

2/16/2020   9:30am Choir
2/16/2020   10:45am Worship
2/17/2020   6:00pm Adult Bible Study
2/18/2020   10:30am Memory Café
2/18/2020   6:30pm Session
2/19/2020   10:30am Tai Chi Class
2/19/2020   Noon Bible Study
2/20/2020   5:45pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal
2/21/2020   10:30am Tai Chi Class
2/23/2020   9:30am Choir
2/23/2020   10:45am Worship
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